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BEADS: Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers was initiated in 1989 to publish vetted scholarly articles on beads and beadwork of all materials, cultures, and periods. While printed journals still play an important role in research, the tendency now is to go digital. Thus we started with Volume 27 (2015) making our journal open access. Free copies of the articles and other content for the current issue (Volume 28) are linked below. For those who prefer a permanent paper copy, they may be purchased from the SBR soon after publication at the end of each year, but supplies will be very limited; contact Alice Scherer, the secretary-treasurer, for ordering instructions. We have already run out of Volume 28.

The articles in Volumes 1-17 (1989-2005) are available in a digital format at the SURFACE (Syracuse University Research Facility and Collaborative Environment) website which is a full-text, multi-media online database. All issues except out-of-print Volumes 3, 4, 5, 27 and 28 are available for purchase from us in a hardcopy format. The sale of those helps fund future issues and our websites, so we encourage you to consider adding them to your physical library to aid us in our work.

If you find the articles interesting, consider joining the Society of Bead Researchers. For a modest membership fee ($20 North America/$30 elsewhere), you will receive the annual journal as well as the biannual newsletter, The Bead Forum. To keep the Society and its publications vital, we not only need your financial support, but also material in the form of articles, news items, conference announcements, and recent publication notifications. Visit the main SBR site for further details and to see what other resources we offer.

Volume 28 (2016)

Volume 28 Beads: 
Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers     Imitation Amber Beads of Phenolic Resin from the African Trade,
       by Rosanna Falabella;
The Fichtelgebirge Bead and Button Industry of Bavaria,
       by Karlis Karklins, Sibylle Jargstorf, Gerhard Zeh, and
       Laure Dussubieux;
Beads and Pendants from the Tumuli Cemeteries at Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-
       South, Nubia
, by Joanna Then-Obłuska;
Beads at The Place of White Earth Late Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic
       Aktopraklik, Northwestern Turkey
, Emma L. Baysal;
Frit-Core Beads in North America, by Karlis Karklins;
Bead Netting and Plaiting Techniques in the Peranakan World,
       by Valerie Hector.

Cover, Front Matter, and Book Reviews:
      Contact in the 16th Century, Brad Loewen and Claude Chapdelaine (eds.)
      Flower Forever: Bead Craft from France and Venice, by Ragnar Levi
      Beads from Germany: Idar-Oberstein, Lauscha, Neugablonz, by Floor

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